Climbing the CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework learning curve

by Klaus Graefensteiner 26. August 2010 11:53


I am taking two web development classes this Fall at Saddleback Community College. One is about AJAX and the other one about MySQL and PHP. Since the syllabus of both classes doesn’t quite fit my interests, I am going to spice up AJAX with learning JQuery and MySQL/PHP with learning CodeIngiter. The following list has several links that I think will help me and possibly you get started with CodeIgniter.

WindowClipping (19)h

Figure 1: CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework

Product home page

CodeIngiter is open source and the home page is

Walk through tutorials and videos

Here is a list of tutorials and videos:

CodeIgniter from scratch series from NetTuts

Codeigniter from scratch day 1
Codeigniter from scratch day 2
Codeigniter from scratch day 3
Codeigniter from scratch day 4 newsletter signup
Codeigniter from scratch day 5 crud
Codeigniter from scratch day 6 login
Codeigniter from scratch day 7 pagination
Codeigniter from scratch day 8 ajax
Codeigniter from scratch file uploading and image manipulation
Codeigniter from scratch the calendar library
Codeigniter from scratch file operations
Codeigniter from scratch shopping cart
Codeigniter from scratch extending the framework

Other CodeIgniter tutorials from NetTuts

Working with restful services in codeigniter 2
How to build a shopping cart using codeigniter and jquery
6 codeigniter hacks for the masters
From codeigniter to ruby on rails a conversion
Easy development with codeigniter
Creating a file hosting site with codeigniter
Codeigniter basics

CodeIgniter and Doctrine from scratch series from PHPAndStuff

Codeigniter doctrine from scratch day 1 install and setup
Codeigniter and doctrine from scratch day 2 the basics
Codeigniter doctrine scratch day 3 user signup form
Codeigniter doctrine scratch day 4 user login
Codeigniter doctrine day 5 database crud
Codeigniter doctrine day 6 models relationships
Codeigniter doctrine scratch day 7 fixtures forum list
Codeigniter doctrine scratch day 8 hooks profiling dql
Codeigniter doctrine scratch day 9 templates data hydrators
Codeigniter doctrine scratch day 10 pagination
Codeigniter doctrine scratch day 11 record hooks

General PHP tutorials from NetTuts

10 principles of the php masters
25 resources to get you started with php from scratch
15 most important considerations when choosing a web development framework
Techniques and resources for mastering curl
30 php best practices for beginners
Http headers for dummies
15 wonderfully creative uses for php

User guide as PDF

The user guide is available online as HTML, it is part of the download and some people compiled the HTML into a PDF document.


What are you waiting for? Get started with CodeIgniter!

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CodeIgniter is interesting, but I think a lot of PHP developers have trouble with the general structure & syntax. With CI I found that it's easy to get frustrated and want to go back to writing spaghetti code. I've been working with lamplighter ( for a few days now and it seems pretty interesting, but we'll see how it goes.

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