What is the coolest thing on the planet?

by Klaus Graefensteiner 13. October 2008 14:37

Walter and I gave a presentation at the WonderWorld 2008 conference in Las Vegas last week. To get many people exited about our talk, we asked customers what they think the coolest thing on the planet is. They thought first that this is a trick question, but we didn't keep them in the dark for too long. The coolest thing on the planet is:

Power Shell

Figure 1: The coolest thing on the planet

The Presentation

The presentation had the title: Managing Wonderware Galaxies with PowerShell. The first part of the one hour session covered the basic language concepts of PowerShell and the second half was filled with various applications of PowerShell scripts for building and diagnosing Wonderware Galaxies.


The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here: CoolestThingPPT.zip

Sample scripts

  1. Compare DAServer item lists
  2. Get-WWSoftware
  3. WMI get command line from aaEngine
  4. Export errors from log file
  5. Set-LogFlag

Sample cmdlets

  1. LMX Get Runtime Value Cmdlet
  2. Validate Instances of Template

The sample files can be downloaded here: CoolestThingDemos.zip

Conference impressions

The budgets are tight. We were carpooling to Las Vegas to keep the expenses at a minimum. This didn't affect our great vibes!

[youtube: nRF0bll01S0]

Here are some pictures of the conference and the city.

All hands meeting The Palazzo tower Palazzo Hotel

No more roller coaster Fashion Show Mall Tesla car

Experts in the hall Meet the Experts Schedule

The Doobie Brothers Presentation room Premier support in action

The Party

Of course, as always, The Party is just the night before our presentation. Here is a short clip of the Doobie Brothers, who mastered a great performance.

[youtube: _AdM-HgPO4w]

The greatest thing on the planet

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