Moving my Blog from BlogEngine.NET on DiscoutASP.NET to WordPress on Dreamhost.COM – Day 1

by Klaus Graefensteiner 7. April 2012 06:22

Why would someone want to move from BlogEngine.NET to WordPress?

I like to blog and I like web development. But I don’t like it, if web development stands in the way of blogging. I started with BlogEngine.NET because back then I had no clue about PHP, but knew a little bit about ASP.NET. The obvious choice for a blogging platform to me was BlogEngine.NET. Now I prefer WordPress and my newer blogs are running it on Now its time to upgrade this blog as well and this and upcoming blog posts will journal the migration path.

Here are few reasons why WordPress is superior to BlogEngine.NET

  • The MySQL database backend for the Wordpress on Dreamhost is free. On DiscountASP.NET you would have to buy expensive SQL Server storage.
  • The spam filtering system on BlogEngine.NET is not working well enough.
  • Upgrading to a newer version of Wordpress is literally automatic, but for BlogEngine.NET a major hassle.
  • There aren’t any web hosting providers that do LAMP and Windows well.
  • Windows hosting is in general more expensive than LAMP hosting.
  • Wordpress has some great blog authoring tools like the WordPress iOS app.
  • Wordpress has a great mobile theme.


Figure 1: Sticky notes for the Day 1 tasks

Measurable Goals

Goals that can be objectively measured are good goals, because they are good candidates for automation.

The migration from BlogEngine.NET to Wordpress will be successfully completed if:

  • All links to existing content on will be redirected to the migrated content on WordPress.
  • The change of the domain name registrar to and the DNS setup for has been completed within 24 hours.
  • All content has been converted successfully.
  • The WordPress blog has a similar look.
  • Existing plug-ins have been migrated to WordPress

The Master Plan

Here are my thoughts about the migration strategy:

Sandbox testing and research

Create a test site that can be used for researching content migration, link redirection and changing domain registration and DNS setup. It will also help to determine how long the migration will take and what kind of complications I might encounter.

Redirection testing

Create a Watir, Selenium or cURL test script that verifies that all content URLs to the existing site will continue to work after the migration with the new site.

Content migration

Once a blog conversion method as been researched and selected, the existing website’s content can be imported into the new WordPress application that is using possibly a different or no domain name. Special content that needs to be considered are:

  • Pictures
  • Source code highlighting
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Internal links
  • External links

Theme migration

Use high quality and high fidelity free theme and try to move some of the Tellingmachine.comtheme characteristics over to the new site.

Domain migration

After all the content has been migrated successfully into the new WordPress application, the domain name registrar and the DNS settings can be modified.

Day 1 Tasks

The tasks for day 1 are focusing on setting up the sandbox environment:

  1. Register new domain with DiscountASP.NET called
  2. Signup for a new ASP.NET hosting plan with DiscountASP.NET
  3. Create new BlogEngine.NET 1.5.1 deployment and configure it like
  4. Create new WordPress instance on that will be the migration target. Assign a temporary domain name to it and configure it


The migration is on! There will be a series of blog posts journaling the progress and the success. And hopefully the last one of this set will be published to the new WordPress site.

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