BeefyMachines at Microsoft Web Camps in Redmond 2010

by Klaus Graefensteiner 24. June 2010 11:31

Last weekend I traveled to Redmond Washington to attend the Microsoft Web Camps conference. This blog post has some of my impressions.


Figure 1: At the conference

The Technologies

EF (Entity Framework)

EF is advertised as the core of new web applications. It is a two way object relational mapper. It ships with a provider for SQL Server and uses Linq to Entities as query language.

Dynamic Data

Uses meta-data from EF and provides services like server and client data validation and CRUD scaffolding using ASP.NET 4.0 controls. Once your EF model is in place, it lets you build an admin website with in literarily minutes. You can customize the default data entry control for each data type.


The MVC tooling is closely integrated with the EF model. It makes it very easy to create controllers, actions and views based on the model entities.


Microsoft is now a major contributor to the JQuery open source javascript library. It is going to merge its Ajax library with JQuery. Microsoft also focuses on java script templates and internationalizing the JQuery library.

Visual Studio 2010

The tooling in designed for rapid web application development around EF.


The People

I met the following people at the conference. James Senior was the hosting the event and the other guys were guest speakers.

James Senior

Stephen Walther

Scott Guthrie

Phil Haack

Clint Nelsen (


The Startup Weekend Game

The following projects were being developed during the second day which was organized similar to the format.

  1. Campus Energy Management (won second place)
  2. Game Meetup website
  3. Kids rewards system (won third place)
  4. Carpool matching website (I joined this group, but we didn’t get very far).
  5. Coupon website (won first place)
  6. Language learning cards
  7. Tree tagging

The Links

In case you didn’t make it to the conference, but you are curious about learning these new technologies, then check out the following tutorials:

Visual Studio Training Kit

Nerd Dinner

MVC Music Store

Intellisense Issue with VS2010 RTM

Startup Weekend



I really enjoyed this conference and especially the second day. I’d like to attend a StartupWeekend event next. There is one scheduled in August in San Diego. Maybe I’ll see you there. By the way the food Microsoft served during the event was just awesome.

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